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Domain hosted a website on France hotel reservations since 2006. Flawless history, great SEO metrics, high quality live backlinks (see attachment). Rare find, priced to sell.


The hardest, most expensive and time consuming part of SEO is getting quality backlinks.

This domain already has plenty!

See the Homepage Backlinks and Deep Links pages to see the live backlinks has gathered over the 11 years of existence. Note the following highlights:

  • 92% of referring domains and 95% of total Backlinks are the valuable Dofollow kind
  • The CTLDs distribution is natural, with only 54% of domains having the .com extension:
    • .com = 67 (54%)
    • .de = 8 (6%)
    • .info = 7 (5%)
    • .uk = 7 (5%)
    • .es = 5 (4%)
    • .net = 5 (4%)
    • .eu = 3 (2%)
    • .it = 3 (2%)
    • .ca = 2 (1%)
    • .hr = 2 (1%)
    • .jp = 2 (1%)
    • .org = 2 (1%)
    • .biz = 1 (1%)
    • .cn = 1 (1%)
    • .dk = 1 (1%)
  • Anchor text contains highly relevant keywords like “france hotels”, “france hotel reservations online”, “hotel accomodation in paris”, “france hotels booking”, etc.
  • There are 617 total live backlinks

This adds up to MozDA of 28 and MozPA of 33, which is a force (check these metrics here).

Why do I care about DA & PA? Search Engine Rankings!

MozDA (Domain Authority) & MozPA (Page Authority), alternatives to the discontinued PageRank, are metrics allowing to quickly gauge how strong a domain is in terms of its backlinks. Generally speaking, a domain with higher DA/PA is expected to rank higher in search engines, especially for topics that are relevant to its main theme (france hotels in this case).

High DA/PA can also be produced by a rigorous SEO effort, but it will take a lot of money and time. If you worked with SEO agencies you probably know that achieving the current Authority of can take up to $20,000 and 6 months of time, all while you have no guarantee that you’ll actually get there 

The following table approximates the correlation between DA & PA, the dollar equivalent of SEO efforts required to reach them, and the amount of time required:

DA/PA vs. SEO Dollar Investment & Time

Another problem is that the faster a backlink portfolio is created, the more suspicious Google is likely to be about it; this domain took over 11 years of superb history to get where it is now (check the domain’s past content at, and the quality of the backlinks speaks for itself. There is nothing spammy about them, and this is one of the most natural backlink portfolios I’ve seen in over 5 years of my SEO experience.

Since I don’t own a French hospitality business I am willing to sell this domain at a considerable discount. Ideally, would go to someone with a business idea because it would be a shame to see such a clean backlink portfolio go to waste.

The two simplest ways to benefit from these backlinks are:

  • to build a relevant website about French hotels on this domain, and
  • to set .htaccess redirect rules to capture the backlink value and transfer it to the domain of your choice (to help it rank higher on Google and other search engines).

I can offer the buyer a free two-week consultation period to explain how to set those rules and capitalize on the domain’s existing backlink value.

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